Every triathlete has their strong suit as well as a discipline that causes concern.  If swimming raises your heart rate, help is at hand.... quite literally.

Improving technique is the secret to swimming faster. We have the gear to help you achieve that. Paddles, snorkels, fins, goggles, smart technology, stroke correction, training tools, tech suits.. everything you need to elevate your swim.

There is no room for wasted energy in triathlon so it's a good idea to check out our specialised gear below to help you master the swim leg of your next race!

FINIS Tools For Triathlon Training

Smart Goggles

The Smart Goggle is designed to help swimmers improve and meet fitness goals. The in-goggle display and activity tracker gives real-time feedback to help you track your distance and time allowing you to get the most out of your swim.

Freestyler Paddles

Fast track your technique with FINIS Freestyler Paddles. Specifically designed for freestyle training, they provide instant stroke feedback so you can make improvements every time you swim. These paddles reduce shoulder stress by preventing hand entry crossover that can lead to shoulder injury.

Tempo Trainer

This small, waterproof swimming metronome sits underneath your swim cap and transmits a tempo "beep" on your ideal stroke rate. Set your target, match the tempo and watch your training accelerate.

Ankle Buoy

Engage your core, build upper body strength, and improve your body position with the FINIS Ankle Buoy. The Ankle Buoy helps you realise full body rotation by connecting the shoulders, core, and hips all the way through the legs.

Stability Snorkel

The first of its kind, these bracketless snorkels are so comfortable and stable that you will forget you are wearing one. The Stability Snorkel is designed specifically for competitive swimmers who train at high speeds.


It's also a good move to invest in a pair of good quality race goggles. Some swimmers swear by having brand new goggles on race days as they don’t fog as much as older ones. Bolt Goggles are comfortable, light, low drag designs that deliver fog-free vision and are built to withstand regular open water outings.


Tools are one way to get race ready, developing the mindset to deal with open water swimming conditions is another. As Forest Gump's mum pointed out (nothing beats mums for solid advice) “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” and the water will always keep you guessing.

Open water swimming is a distant relative of pool swimming - like a cheeky second cousin.  Open water is older, almost always cloudy with chop or waves and there are no sides, ends or lines to keep things tidy. Try to hit a rhythm similar to your training pace and get your reach going.  Being able to stretch out and hit a familiar tempo is the point at which many experienced triathletes will say they feel like they settled into the race.  If it doesn’t come, stay calm and focus on breathing. Aim for consistent, deep breaths in and out.  If your breathing is relaxed, your body and mind will follow.

If you find ocean swimming daunting, check out our blog post on 10 tips for overcoming open water anxiety.

It’s easy to let swimming technique slide when battling race nerves, conditions and the chaos of the pack. Try to block that out and focus on your form, breathing and tempo.  Keep your head down. You will need to pop up for sighting but don’t be afraid to put your face in the water and swim. It is the only way to have good swim posture and generate speed.