Duo MP3 Player Black/Acid Green.
It's straight out of a Bond film - a music player so clever it doesn't even need headphones.   Great sound underwater takes serious tech to deliver.  A music player capable of delivering hours of music at a depth of up to...
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Tempo Trainer Pro
Want a tip straight from the fast lane?  Stop counting!  The Tempo Trainer Pro is the secret weapon elite athletes use.  Set the Tempo Trainer Pro and let it manage your stroke rate while you focus on your form.WHAT IT...
Amnis Stream Swim BT Headphones.
Is your dream to stream while you swim? FINIS pioneered underwater audio and has gone next level with the Amnis Stream Swim BT Headphones.  All it takes is a waterproof smartwatch to Bluetooth® pair with your Stream Headphones and the dream...
Duo MP3 Player Replacement Charger.
FINIS pioneered state-of-the-art bone conduction to deliver music underwater.  We want the beat to go on so this is a replacement charger for the Duo MP3 player. WHAT IT DOES Replacement for the FINIS Duo MP3 charging cable.  It is...
3x300M Stopwatch.
We know time is everything and, when it comes to swimming, accurate timing makes a good swimmer even better.  This allows for 300 splits and review of both cumulative and lap splits. Clearly displays the current split and how many...
3x100M Stopwatch.
Need help to split?  The FINIS 3 x 100 Stopwatch can simplify that for you.  It allows for 100 splits and review of both cumulative and lap splits. But wait, there is more.  It also clearly displays the current split...
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