Foam Pull Buoy Sr :: FINIS Australia
What is the secret to a strong upper body?  Getting your legs under control is a good start.  The Foam Pull Buoy Sr has it covered: build upper body strength by immobilizing your legs. How will the Foam Pull Buoy...
Foam Kickboard Sr :: FINIS Australia
Ready to kick your form into touch?  The Foam Kickboard Sr is a sneaky device that improves leg strength by keeping your arms occupied. Why should I choose the FINIS kickboard? The kickboard is designed to decrease stress on the...
Alignment Kickboard :: FINIS Australia
Are you looking for solid training tools to help fine-tune your stroke? What about one that won’t break the bank? Line up! The Alignment Kickboard will help knock you into shape.  The hydrodynamic design and stabilizing hand strap delivers complete...
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Axis Buoy Medium :: FINIS Australia
Buoy oh buoy!  This device works double time.  The Axis Buoy takes a traditional tool and gives it a modern twist to help swimmers of all ages and abilities. You can wear the Axis Buoy at your ankles as a...
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