FINIS spells out who we are.

We kicked off the company with a monoFIN.

FINIS is also Latin for "grand finale"
and going big floats our boat.  


FINIS helps simplify swimming better
FINIS develops serious swim equipment to help competitive swimmers achieve their best

We know from experience that achieving any goal is easier when surrounded by talent and you will find that here in the Athelete's Village.

From race day routines and the power of mentors, to breaking down stroke, technique and race stats, let's dive in.


FINIS Australia on ways to get more out of your swim training

FINIS Australia explores ways to simulate open water swimming in the pool







 Finis competitive swimming gear

What to look for in a race suit.





FINIS Australia looks at bio mechanical research into how the body performs while swimming
FINIS Australia looks at a study on the hydrodynamics of swimming



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