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FINIS Australia on ways to get more out of your swim training

Technical gear can tune and amplify your training. Olympic swimmer Cam McEvoy shares insights on how tech works for him.



Dryland cords, heard of them?  Sure, they do what they say on the box: cords that you use to train on dryland but they deliver so much more. They are an effective way to improve conditioning and stroke efficiency when you don't have a pool handy.  All you need is a door, fence or sturdy surface to attach the cords to.

However, the true magic of Dryland Cords is to warm up and stay warm before training and during competition. They can also help with Swimmer's Shoulder and can deliver an edge by activating muscles that struggle to get the love they need in the pool.

Are there different Dryland Cords?
Yep. FINIS has a couple of different types of cords and they also come in different weights for various fitness levels. Dryland cords are long bands of stretch cord with plastic handles. Our most adaptive design is the Slide Dryland Trainer with a heavy duty option, which is red, for competitive daily swimmers and yellow to suit regular swimmers and those doing rehab.

There is also a simpler model, FINIS Dryland Cords, which come in different weights: yellow is light and ideal for newer swimmers and the starting cord for most women, green is for swimmers who hit the pool a few times a week and red is for competitive daily swimmers.


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