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We know from experience that achieving your swim goals takes more than just racking up laps. The right technical gear can refine and amplify your training, helping to take your swim to the next level. Backed by years of intricate research on and in the water, this is where we share the latest in FINIS training innovation.

Stability Snorkel

Learn about the benefits of training with a Stability Snorkel from Olympian, Cam McEvoy.

Tempo Trainer

There are a heap of different tools to help you swim better but if you want to hit goals, there is nothing quite like the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro to help you work on improving your distance per stroke and hitting your desired stroke rate.

Dryland Cords

You don’t always have to be in the water to work on your swimming! Colleen Fotsch, NCAA Championship Swimmer and Professional CrossFit™ Athlete, demonstrates some of her favourite land-based training exercises that will help reinforce good habits in the pool.


Dave Scott, Six-Time Ironman Champion, shares a few swim tips on FINIS' Agility and Freestyler paddles and why he recommends them to his swimmers.