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Keen to make every training session more effective?  Do you need a little help to stay on track lap after lap?  Here's a tip straight from the fast lane - stop counting and start going with the tempo!  The Tempo Trainer Pro is your secret weapon.  This swimming metronome will...

Keen to make every training session more effective?  Do you need a little help to stay on track lap after lap?  Here's a tip straight from the fast lane - stop counting and start going with the tempo!  The Tempo Trainer Pro is your secret weapon. 

This swimming metronome will "beep" your target stroke rate so you don't have to think about it let alone count it out.  Set the Tempo Trainer Pro and it can manage your stroke rate while you focus on more important things like your form.

Make every lap and stroke count! Manage your pace as you swim , stroke by stroke, lap by lap.  Take control of your swimming today.  This powerful little tool is in our Australian warehouse ready to wing it's way to you today... Aussie-wide, across the ditch and around Asia.

How will the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro help my swimming?

This small waterproof device sits underneath your swim cap or on your goggles and transmits an audible tempo beep.   Match the tempo and watch your training accelerate.

Here's how your swimming can kick up a level with the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro:

There are three different training modes to select from and the tempo is fully adjustable by 1/100 of a second so you can customise it your training programme.  Just set the pace, tuck it into your cap or clip onto googles and go.

Provides an audible beep loud enough to hear in and out of the water
Tempo adjustable by 1/100 of a second
Small convenient size for ease and comfort
Tested to perform at a depth of 10 meters
Auto shut-off feature saves battery life
Includes a clip for dryland exercise




Here is what the word is pool-side:

"Outstanding training and racing tool!  I can't imagine training without it." - 3athlt

"Love these!  As a swim coach, tempo is crucial to keeping speed or to work on timing out a stroke.  I have all my kids purchase these for the season." - CHRISTINE CANTY

"I am a year-round competitive swimmer and my coach recommended this product to help correct the tempo of my strokes, particularly freestyle.  I have been using it for a couple of months now and it's been great." - KDZ7799

Take your training to the next level with this powerful FINIS technology




    Tips for changing the Tempo Trainer Pro battery

    It's easy to replace the battery on your Tempo Trainer Pro.  Make sure you have a CR1620 3V battery made by a quality brand. 
    Use a small coin to unscrew the back, remove the old battery and place the new battery inside and firmly close the battery cover.
    This next step sounds crazy but it helps reset the device and ensure all the modes work as they should:
    Turn the Tempo Trainer Pro on for a minute or so and then power it off again, remove the battery and leave it out for 1 or 2 minutes, pop it back in and power it up again.   Your Tempo Trainer Pro should be fully operational, just like a bought one!

    For more information, please see our Reference Guide.


    Check out FINIS Australia Tempo Trainer FAQ's:

    How do you calculate stroke rate in swimming?
    To measure this count the number of strokes you take to cover a length of the pool, counting both arms. The fewer strokes you take the longer your stroke.
    What about distance per stroke?

    Swimming or pulling with 100% stroke distance efficiency, you should be able to travel approximately 1.5 m. with each freestyle arm stroke or 3m for each right-left stroke cycle.

    What is a good stroke rate for a 25m lap?
    You count both your left and your right arm strokes and most amateur swimmers generally require somewhere between 16-30 strokes to complete 1 length of a 25m pool.
    The faster you turn your arms over, the lower your DPS will be. If you increase your DPS, your SR goes down. The goal is to find the balance between a good DPS and a high SR.


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