Long Floating Fins :: FINIS Australia
Fins = wins!  Adding Long Floating Fins to your training session means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The humble fin is an incredible tool to build...
from $40.00
Edge Fins :: FINIS Australia
Learn to kick from the hip.  FINIS Edge Fins are designed with technique-focused side rails to activate your hips and quadriceps.  This will enforce a proper kick that starts at your hips and not your knees.   The Edge is...
from $60.00
Booster Fins :: FINIS Australia
Not every nipper can swim like fish first up but add FINIS Booster Fins and they will be fanging it in a flash. Designed to accommodate young swimmers as they transition to real deal fins, the open-toe design prevents chafing and...
Mermaid Fin Pacifica :: FINIS Australia
Mermazing news!  Ariel is sharing the trick to swimming like a champ. The Mermaid™ Fin helps take swimming to another level.  The Pacifica Fin is fun and easy to use, it helps build water confidence and it also teaches a...
Luna Mermaid Fin :: FINIS Australia Mystic Melon size S
  • Mystic Melon size S
  • Enchanting Emerald size M
Luna Mermaid Fin :: FINIS Australia Mystic Melon size S
Calling all members of the Ariel swim squad... get your mermaid on with the Luna Fin and swim better to boot.  The Mystic Melon fin is for junior mermaids, shoe size US 11-3, and the emerald for experienced mermaids, shoe...
  • Mystic Melon size S
  • Enchanting Emerald size M
Junior Long Floating Fins :: FINIS Australia
Fins = wins!  And when you are a nipper, adding Long Floating Fins to swim training means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The Long Floating fin...
Zoomers Gold :: FINIS Australia G
Want to go for gold?  These puppies will help you get there, one kick at a time. The Zoomers® Gold Fins are an ideal training fin for cardiovascular conditioning and speed training. What should I choose FINIS Zoomers Gold? These...
Positive-Drive Fins :: FINIS Australia
Real innovation can look a bit different - like our Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s).  These are outside of the box and don't look like your average fin!  Using a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all four swim...
Skinsocks :: FINIS Australia L
Multi sport legends deserve multi sport socks and that's what you get with Skin Socks.  They are a versatile sport socks, designed to protect feet as you transition from the water, to the bike and shoes. Made of a nylon...
Foil Monofin :: FINIS Australia
This is the kind of fin you want to see plenty of in the water.  The Foil Monofin is proud to hit swimmers with a real kick. How will the FINIS Foil Monofin help my swimming? The proprietary combination of...
Z2 Gold Zoomers :: FINIS Australia H
With its short blade, the Z2 Gold Zoomers® fin encourages shorter and faster kicks while experiencing propulsion through the water. What should I choose FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers? These are short blade fins that have just the right amount of...
Evo Monofin yellow :: FINIS Australia
Competitive swimmers are always looking for the trick that pushes them a bit further and a bit faster.  The EVO fin is exactly that.  It's like a secret weapon designed to help you lose seconds by fine-tuning your technique off...
Footbooties :: FINIS Australia
We not suggesting you get the boot in but getting your boot into Footbooties can make wearing fins and monofins super comfortable. How will FINIS Footbooties help my swimming? Footbooties are made of a soft neoprene material that prevents chafing...
Rapid Monofin :: FINIS Australia
Ready to feel the burn?  Dolphin kicking activates 60% of your body muscles mass so adding this blade can help boost your training with better technique, greater leg strength and faster results. Who doesn't want to swim quicker and dive...
Shooter Monofin xxl
With a short and stiff fiberglass blade, the Shooter monofin builds a quick and powerful butterfly kick, while improving flexibility in feet and ankles. Allows for race pace kick speed while working abdominal muscles, lower back, quadriceps and gluteus. The...
Rapid Monofin replacement strap :: FINIS Australia
The Rapid Replacement Strap Set is an easy and convenient way to restore the Rapid Monofin. The quick-release heel strap provides added safety in the water, while making the fin easy to adjust. WHAT IT IS RAPID REPLACEMENT STRAP SET: An...
Evo Monofin Black :: FINIS Australia
Want results?  Using the Evo Monofin will kick your laps into better shape in no time.  It's the first and only short-blade monofin designed to teach swimmers an efficient dolphin kick, build muscle memory, and create perfect body position in...
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