We are thrilled to announce that the newest feature of the FINIS Smart Goggle will now allow you to review your head position after each swim. 

Whether you are a competitive swimmer, a triathlete, or just swim for fitness, how your head moves through the water has the most impact on your swim. When you have proper head position your body will streamline, your legs won’t sink and you will glide through the water effortlessly making your workout much more enjoyable. 

“The head is the stabilizing and directing force of your swim. A stable head means a controlled body that provides the opportunity to be faster or more efficient in the water.” 

-Glenn Mills, GoSwim Co-Founder, and US Olympian 

Until now, seeing your head position was difficult or impossible. It required a video recording of your swim and then finding someone to analyze it. This innovation makes it accessible to everyone.

With this breakthrough, the FINIS Smart Goggle powered by Ciye™ enables any swimmer to see their head position after every swim. Post-workout, connect your goggles to the Ciye™ app and view a 3D video of your actual head over the course of your entire workout. Once you’ve uploaded your swim to the Ciye™ app, you can see every breath, turn, and twitch of your head. 

“FINIS has introduced a cutting-edge enhancement that allows the swimmer (and coach) to actually see a detailed and vivid video image of their head position. As coaches know, many technical issues can be traced back to balance in the body, which is often dictated by the head position and the breath. This is one step closer to the swimmer being fully aware of most critical training and technical variables in swimming.” 

-Don Heidary, Orinda Aquatics Co-Founder & Head Coach

To help visualize what a good head position should be, we partnered with Glenn Mills of GoSwim, a leading swim coaching and content resource, to provide examples of good and bad head position. As you review your head position, you can see these videos directly in the Ciye™ app to help you compare and improve. 

With this feature, you can take corrective action or just admire your amazing head position. Best of all, it works for all your past swims. If you already own a pair of FINIS Smart Goggles, simply update the Ciye™ app and you can start reviewing immediately!

We partnered with FINIS because their mission of simplifying swimming aligned with ours to bring simple virtual coaching to everyone. We are starting with head position as the first virtual coaching feature because it is the most impactful change a swimmer can make.

 – Yuri Zhovnirovsky CEO Ciye™

March 10, 2023 — Sarah Johnson