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Fins = wins!  And when you are a nipper, adding Long Floating Fins to swim training means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The Long Floating fin is an incredible tool to build strength, technique and speed. ...
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Fins = wins!  And when you are a nipper, adding Long Floating Fins to swim training means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The Long Floating fin is an incredible tool to build strength, technique and speed. 

Why are FINIS Long Floating Fins great for young swimmers?

The Long Floating Fins increase leg strength and help smaller athletes swim faster, higher in the water with a lot less effort. With its long, hydrodynamic blade, the Long Floating Fins add propulsion while buoyancy from the fins lifts legs to the surface.

Here's how FINIS Long Floating Fins can help younger swimmers learn to swim faster with less stress:


Learning to kick can be the worst part of swim lessons. Whether it’s with a kick board or in streamline, many young swimmers feel like they are going nowhere. This comes down to kick technique.

A proper kick (flutter) is narrow and compact. The best kick is short and fast, rather than big and powerful. Your legs are essentially straight and the power is generated from the hips with toes pointed. The weakest part of the kick is the up-kick and that is what the Long Floating Fin helps improve.

The ‘up-kick’ motion of the kick that engages your hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles. Adding resistance to this range of motion helps improve your technique by providing you with the positive muscle reinforcement (and propulsion) to make you swim more efficiently and hopefully faster.


An efficient kick means the feet separate no more than 12 inches during any part of the kick. To do this, you need straight legs and great ankle flexibility. Applying fins to kick training and swimming will dramatically increase your ankles’ adaptation to a more efficient flutter and the added resistance of the Long Floating Fins will reinforce proper kick mechanics so you improve faster.


One of the key differentiators between swimmers of different levels (Olympic to novice) is body position in the water. When you watch an elite swimmer cruising through the water they look like a speedboat that was designed to maintain high elevation in the water. Most swimmers do not hold this body line, but swimming with FINIS Long Floating Fins can help make it happen.

Swimming with fins improves body position by adding velocity to the stroke and also teaching the body how to swim faster on top of the water. This works with kicking as well – when you’re in streamline on your back or front, you’ll be able to holder a higher body line with the added propulsion of fins.


There’s no question you can swim faster with fins. Fins not only make you swim faster, but they also allow you to swim and kick for longer periods of time, building endurance. Muscle recruitment is at an all time high when you’re wearing fins, and this is why fins are fantastic.

The Long Floating Fins' closed heel design provides protection against hyperflexion of ankles and increases comfort. Great for all ages and levels of swimming.  Made of soft, floatable rubber, the Long Floating Fins will not sink in fresh or salt water, making them ideal for open water and pool training.

Getting the right fin size is tricky - we don't recommend simply using your shoe size as brands vary and it is easy to confuse US, UK and Aussie sizes. 
Use our helpful guide to measure your feet and select the right size fin...

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