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There is a ton of tech for swimmers but the waterproof music player remains the one swimmers want most. That's why FINIS developed the DUO.

One of the downsides of water-based sport is the lack of music. Other athletes get to strap on a pair of big headphones and start training with their brain pulsing to the bass - there is no similar experience for swimmers.

Sure, now and again at a meet there are bursts of music during warm-ups and leading in to finals.

So, for the most part, the only tunes swimmers end up listening to are the ones we sing in our heads over and over during swim practice. Until now.  FINIS has pulled one out of the bag to change this - the Duo.

The reason you need to try this is that it actually works in the environment it is designed for and you can thank John Mix and his swim lab in California for that.

"I love the Duo because I can go for a swim and listen to my favorite tunes, and after just a few songs, I’ve completed a great workout.” –John Mix, CEO, FINIS, Inc.

The Duo looks like a gadget from a Bond film and works like one too. The Duo transmits music straight to your inner ear using pads that hang off your goggles and rest on your cheeks.

Yep, that's right.  The FINIS DUO pumps music into your face, to your inner ear through your cheekbones. Seriously - music zips along your jaw to your inner ear!

 Finis Australia Duo

The reason this is really awesome is that you don’t have to worry about jamming ear-buds right into your ear to stop them popping out when you turn. 

And the sound is amazing because it is conducted straight to your inner ear. One issue swimmers have had with underwater mp3 players is that water gets between ears and the buds, distorting and muffling music and making the listening experience infuriating.

The DUO is engineered to remove the hassle of earbuds so all you get is awesome sound. This also means those swim with earplugs to keep water out can still do so and listen to great tunes. Bonus!

“It’s no secret that music plays an important part in motivating us to go further and faster for longer, when it comes to sport. I love using the Duo on those long aerobic swimming workouts. I can push it to the limit, and before I know it, I’ve completed a 6km workout.” – Grant Turner, British Olympian

Finis Australia Duo user guide

What else should you know about the FINIS Duo?

  • It only supports MP3 and WMA songs. If your entire music library (or at least the ones you want to listen to when swimming) are m4a format—iTunes preferred format—you need to do some converting. This can be done within iTunes, with a few clicks.
  • It sounds better with ear plugs in. Sounds conduct better through your head and ears while wearing ear plugs.
  • How many songs does the FINIS Duo hold? The DUO can hold up to 60 hours of playback (or around 1000 songs). Which is more than enough to get you through a practice or two!

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