If you are a regular in the pool, you will know the monotony of following the black line lap after lap. Imagine having something that can knock boredom on the head and increase your motivation at the same time... would that be music to your ears? Scientific advice says it should be.

Since the 1950s, studies have shown that music has a powerful neurological effect on our brains – there is even an area of scientific study called neuromusicology, which relates to how our nervous system reacts to musical stimulus.  Music is known to cause the brain to release dopamine, a chemical which works to regulate motivation and goal-oriented behaviour.

Music also acts as a motivator in other fascinating ways.  Our brains get fatigued when we do repetitive, routine tasks for extended periods - like at work, when training or driving long distances. Listening to tunes acts as a distraction from the endlessness of such tasks, fuelling the brain to perk up and even improving mental endurance.


FINIS Stream Bluetooth headphones

It’s also well-known that music increases our output and staying power. Music provides stimulation by bouncing off the auditory neurons inside the body, which is what encourages us to get up and move.  And more upside: music also helps human coordination, within reason, thanks to its rhythm.

And when it comes to recovery, background music helps reduce stress, bringing us greater peace and more meaningful rest which helps the body to refuel and recharge.

The FINIS Swim Lab is committed to helping swimmers in all kinds of ways.  The Duo underwater MP3 player is a stand out innovation yet FINIS have developed the AMNIS Stream - a bone conduction bluetooth headset that allows swimmers to enjoy streamed music, podcasts and sounds in the water with the help of a smart watch.

AMNIS streamin modes

This tech does take a little bit of getting your head around.  Unlike the Duo, the AMNIS Stream does not have music on it but receives music from other wearable devices via bluetooth, like those made by Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung.  So the AMNIS isn't a music player but it lets you hear music, audio books and podcasts from a waterproof device that is bluetooth capable.

AMNIS Stream can pair with Garmin watches for audio streaming while swimming


smart watches compatible with AMNIS Stream

Many swimmers are buzzed about accessing playlists from their favourite streaming services but there are a few tricks to how these services work with smart watches.
Garmin and Fitbit offer a range of wearables with the Spotify app.  

Apple Watch offers easy streaming from Apple Music and streaming from Spotify is sometimes possible but requires an iPhone nearby to help power smooth streaming.

Swimmers have asked if this means the AMNIS can stream music directly from a smart phone or pool-side device. The answer is nope.  Because swimmers move, twist, and naturally go underwater, it is hard to maintain a solid bluetooth connection with devices that are any distance away from the swimmer.  The need for a strong, close signal is why the AMNIS needs to pair with a waterproof smart watch that can be worn on the back of the head. 

So while that was a lot of tech talk, what it breaks down to is music is amazing for motivation and company during swim training.  Getting that is as simple as grabbing a smart watch, setting up music in offline mode, pairing it with the AMNIS Stream headphones, clipping the AMNIS to the back of your google straps and away you swim!





January 25, 2021 — Information Finis Australia