Hands up (oh and elbows) if you want to get more out of training. Whether you are an elite athlete or a keen fitness swimmer, being able to lift the pace or go an extra lap or two can be hard yakka. The great news is there is something that can help nail the hard yards that is both pain free and fun.

Imagine being able to listen to a great book, motivational podcast or even training tips as you swim.  The AMNIS STREAM Bluetooth headphones from FINIS deliver this magic combination.

FINIS AMNIS Bluetooth headphones help swimmers enjoy crystal clear sound in the water

Coming up with a solid system that can deliver amazing streamed sound underwater certainly has its challenges but FINIS has innovated in this space for the last 15 years with their bone conduction technology. Why decide to bite off such a challenge?  Science!

Since the 1950s, studies have shown that music has a powerful neurological effect on our brains – there is even an area of scientific study called neuromusicology, which relates to how our nervous system reacts to musical stimulus.  Music is known to cause the brain to release dopamine, a chemical which works to regulate motivation and goal-oriented behaviour.

Music also acts as a motivator in other fascinating ways.  Our brains get fatigued when we do repetitive, routine tasks for extended periods - like at work, when training or driving long distances. Listening to tunes acts as a distraction from the endlessness of such tasks, it fuels the brain to perk up and even improves mental endurance.

FINIS' bone conduction technology delivers this magic training tool to swimmers.  The technology also does away with the need for headphones or buds. Bone conduction is pretty much what it says - sound vibrations are transmitted through the bones of the jaw and skull to the inner ear so they can be ‘heard’. While it might sound a bit complicated, it is in fact the same way we hear our own voices.
FINIS Amnis Stream BT headphones clear streamed content underwater

Having engineered the very successful Neptune and DUO music players, FINIS have leveled up to bluetooth headphones that enable swimmers to swim with their stream. The AMINIS Stream BT Headphones are bone conduction underwater headphones that let you tune in to Apple Music, Spotify, Audible, podcasts and apps on your smartwatch via bluetooth so there are less wires to worry about.

“Today most people find new music from their phones so we needed a way to get this music into the pool.  While streaming is not possible underwater, using a smartwatch allows a user to cache music, books or podcasts for listening offline and the AMINS transports this to the pool.  I personally love swimming with music and changing a playlist has never been easier.” says FINIS Founder, John Mix.

Like all impressive tech, there are a few steps to take before the magic happens. You need to own a waterproof smartwatch and subscribe to a service which allows you to listen to content from that app offline.  As an example, Apple Watch users can listen to Apple Music while Garmin has a Spotify interface.

The AMINIS Stream includes a watch clip for Apple and Garmin watches.  Unclip the watch from its wrist band and slot it on to the headphone clip.  Any smartwatch can also be removed from its band and placed under a swim cap. The best placement is towards the back of the head and within 5 cm of the headphones.

It is important to note that using your smartwatch to stream content to the AMNIS may override some of the other functions - like swim tracking functions on Apple watches. Keen beans suggest using a Fitbit or older devices to stream audio and your latest tech on your wrist to track your swimming. 


AMNIS Stream bluetooth underwater headphones

Some swimmers are so pumped by what quality sounds do for their swim that they have done away with swim tracking and simply enjoy the ride, swimming further and better thanks to the motivation their favourite sounds provide.

A must device for any fitness swimmer - 5 stars

"As a fitness swimmer, I have enjoyed tracking my 1-hour swims with my Garmin watch. The thought of not tracking my swim in exchange for putting the watch behind my head for listening to music was my initial concern. I just took the Stream for the first test swim with a 60-minute playlist on Spotify and listening to music is way better than tracking my swim details. I even enjoyed my swim more because I was swimming in my own world with my own music without any interruptions. When I stopped on the edge of the pool with my head out of the water, the music is faint which was nice if I wanted to talk to someone, but once my face is in the water, the sound quality is amazing. " - SAN DIEGO SCOTT

Great, reliable sound and extremely comfortable - 5 stars

"These headphones offer great, reliable sound underwater and are extremely comfortable. The bone conducting tech is great if you’re like me and you have trouble with the fit and feel of certain earbuds. You don’t even realize that they are on your temples and not your ears. The battery lasts me for a total of 4 hours of swimming over the course of a week (1 hour sessions). I use an old Apple Watch Series 3 to pair with my headphones so that way I can use my main Apple Watch on my wrist to track my swim workout. I realize this might make for an expensive setup for some folks but this avoids the trade off of giving up your watch for swim tracking. I’m so glad I bought these! " - ROADRUNNER

The ultimate music and audio experience while swimming....EVER! - 5 stars

"I've been a swimmer my whole life, but lap after lap becomes pretty boring. The Finis Stream changed everything for me. I was finally able to listen to all the music and audiobooks on my Apple iWatch while I did laps. Total game changer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Stream to anyone who wants to enjoy swimming in the water for more time because they've got music or audio to keep them entertained.

In the past I had purchased several other underwater in-ear headphones, and they just don't work - the inevitable moment water enters your ear, the sound is gone. With Finis bone conduction technology you don't have to put earbuds in your ear and worry about them falling out!!! The Finis bone conduction is magic, and I never have any issues hearing the music or audiobook...even during flip turns or sprint sets :)

The Stream works by connecting with your iWatch via Bluetooth (make sure to have your music downloaded onto your iWatch). Finis then has a cleverly designed clip that connects your iWatch to your goggles and the bone conduction headphones. The clip is worn on the back of the head, and even if you forget it, which I do, I simply use my iWatch's fabric band like a clip to weave the goggles, watch and headphones together.

I also own a Fitbit with music, and was able to pair it and attach it to the Stream. So in case I prefer to wear the iWatch while I swim, there are options for this.

Long story short, if you're tired of silent, monotonous swimming, the Stream is for you! “ - PSEUDOREID

instructions to use FINIS AMNIS Stream BT headphones
February 05, 2021 — Information Finis Australia