It's like rocket science: more oxygen in = faster laps out!

We all love the polish and promise of new tech. There is innovative gear to fix posture and clever devices to generate drag and all the while the humble snorkel remains one of the most affordable, flexible and impactful bits of equipment ever designed. Sure, FINIS has leveled up with our Stability Snorkel but snorkels in general deliver great gains for all swimmers.

a swimmers snorkel helps get more oxygen into the body for better performance

Pool swimmers, triathletes and open water enthusiasts can all see improvements with a snorkel because it literally allows a much better view and perspective of what is happening under the water. The benefits of being able to focus on and literally see what is happening with your stroke shouldn’t be overlooked - excuse the pun.

All swimmers are gunning for better lung capacity and technique. Guess what? A snorkel can greatly improve your speed and cardiovascular strength, especially new designs like our Stability Snorkel.

a FINIS swimmer's snorkel can help get more oxygen into your lungs
Training with a snorkel in the pool or the ocean is easy but it will take a few sessions to get the technique right.

Time for the safety message: learning to train with a snorkel should ideally be done under the supervision of a coach or swim buddy to begin with. Pool snorkels have a spout for inhaling O2 from above the water line and you can exhale CO2 through the spout, the nose or both.

Things can get tricky if you don’t use enough force to clear the spout while swimming, especially after a flipturn. If you have a hard time remembering not to breathe in through your nose using a nose plug can help get you started.

The three major benefits of training with a snorkel are:

an increased lung capacity;
an improved technique with the ability to monitor your own strokes and;
being able to enjoy the underwater view for extended periods of time.

Breathing through a snorkel forces you to work harder for each breath, while only allowing a certain amount of air through the spout. The snorkel also forces you to keep your head in line and being able to remain looking down allows you to clearly see what your arms are doing on each pull or stroke.

FINIS has the Original Swimmer’s Snorkel which is a fantastic option for those who focus on distance in the pool. The Stability Snorkel is designed for high speed swimming and is particular good for sprint training.

All that is left is to dive in and see the improvements for yourself!

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