The FINIS Smart Goggle, powered by Ciye™.

Track and see your laps, splits, set time, rest time, and more as you swim. Smart as!


FINIS Australia Smart Goggles with Ciye technology

And you only have to check it when you want!  The FINIS Smart Goggle is in the final stages of production now.  Email our squad at to get on the wait list now!


FINIS Australia electronic goggles

The CIYE display lives in the corner of the lens and can be seen at a glance, allowing your mind to focus on what matters to you. After your swim, connect to the app for a complete breakdown of your swim and share your workout with friends and teammates.

FINIS Australia Smart Swim Goggles with swim track technology

Here's some helpful hints to getting the most from the FINIS Smart Goggle with Ciye:


 Finis smart swimming technology swim gogglesFINIS Swim goggles with swim data display

FINIS Smart Swim goggles

FINIS Australia smart goggles for swim stats

FINIS Australia new smart swim goggles