Finis Australia swim snorkels
The snorkel is a staple for swimmers but FINIS’ latest, the Stability Snorkel, is a big leap forward.

The benefits of using a snorkel are almost endless.  Using this clever tube to get oxygen on tap means you can drop the kickboard and focus on that flutter kick with better positioning. Without the side-to-side breathing that jolts you out of alignment, you to get a sense of what it’s like to swim straight and balanced. It’s also fun to see how high you can purge water.

FINIS Stability snorkel for high speed training

The FINIS Original Swimmer’s Snorkel is amazing but those who train at speed pointed out a few catches:

  • When swimming at higher speeds, the tube can wobble and twist which required swimmers to stop and fix it.
  • The head-mount is made of hard plastic which for those who do long sessions can lead to tender spots.

FINIS Stability Snorkel

The Stability Snorkel is a more streamlined snorkel built for competitive swimmers.

The Stability Snorkel is surprisingly light. Take away the head bracket and replace the head strap with thin silicone straps and the weight literally falls off.

You can twist the mouth-piece when the snorkel is not in use. Finally! Instead of twisting the snorkel across your face, you can twist the mouth-piece to the side when you are hanging on the side of the wall. Simple function, much appreciated!

Overall length of the snorkel is also adjusted at the mouth-piece. Whether you have a long or short face/head, the mouth piece slides up and down the tube until the mouth-piece sits comfortably in your mouth.

How much is the Stability Snorkel?

This epic piece of kit is available from in black, yellow, teal and white for the equally epic price of $59.

FINIS Australia stability snorkel in teal