Finis Australia Swimming fins
Propulsive power meets natural feel in the Edge fins

Choosing the right pair of fins can mean deciding between too much propulsion or an unnatural kick, but Edge fins change all that.

Finis Australia Edge Fins

These ergonomic silicone fins have the propulsive power to get you through kick sets while still challenging key kicking muscles needed for an efficient freestyle stroke.

  • Most fins hold your foot in with a full heel cup while the Edge simply straps around the back of your ankle for a comfy, flexible fit.
  • Designed with a blade angle that doesn’t interfere with the kick and feels natural in the water.
  • Vents direct water flow in a streamlined way to avoid drag while propelling you across the pool.
  • The open toe design doesn’t suffocate your feet or impede on any potential blisters from running.
  • They assist with propulsion and you’ll feel your glutes and hamstrings working on the up-kick, making these fins an effective strengthening tool.

How much are FINIS Edge Fins?

You can pick up a pair of these yellow speed demons from for $70!

FINIS Australia Edge Fins