Agility Paddle Floating.
Could your stroke do with a make over?  The Agility Paddle can kick start your technique upgrade in just one lap!   FINIS designed the Agility Paddle to deliver a heads-up on what is happening with your technique every time you swim....
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Tempo Trainer Pro.
Want a tip straight from the fast lane?  Stop counting!  The Tempo Trainer Pro is the secret weapon elite athletes use.  Set the Tempo Trainer Pro and let it manage your stroke rate while you focus on your form.WHAT IT...
Pulling Ankle Strap.
Pulling together all the tips and tricks for the perfect stroke takes serious work but the Pulling Ankle strap can help simplify things. WHAT IT DOES Holds ankles together, shifting focus to build upper body strength.  One size fits all.Ideal...
Iso Paddles.
Iso can be a good thing.  The Iso Paddles let you kick bad habits before they become, well, bad habits. WHAT IT DOES          FINIS Iso paddles are strapless paddles designed to isolate specific muscle groups, develop...
Dryland Cord.
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Dryland Cord.
Newsflash - some serious swim training happens out of the water.  The Dryland Cord simulates swimming movements on dry land to help you isolate vital muscle groups for targeted training.  They comes in different weights to give your stroke the...
from $61.00
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Posture Trainer.
It's important to get your head in the right place in the pool and FINIS can help with that thanks to the Posture Trainer. WHAT IT DOES  The Posture Trainer promotes correct head and spine alignment, which is key to...
Hydro Hip Core Strengthener.
  Great swimmer's power from the hip and we are happy to help with that. The Hydro Hip is a training tool designed to deliver hip timing that is sharp as.     WHAT IT DOES  With two blades that sit on...
This is kit for those who know milliseconds matter.  First developed by an elite team of Australian swimmers and water polo players, the Drag+Fly™ adjustable swim chute offers the latest in resistance training technology. WHAT IT DOES Designed to help butterfly,...
Slide Dryland Trainer.
Who knew?  FINIS has the tech to help you swim like a fish out of water.  The Slide Dryland Trainer lets you practice anywhere, anytime. WHAT IT DOESThe Slide Dryland Trainer is designed to provide swimmers with exercise that mimics...
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