Ankle Buoy :: FINIS Australia
Engage your core, build upper body strength, and improve your body position with the FINIS Ankle Buoy. The Ankle Buoy helps you realize full body rotation by connecting the shoulders, core, and hips all the way through the legs. Body...
Smart Goggles Set :: FINIS Australia
What do you expect from a goggle?  Water-tight seal as well as comfort? Anti-fog lenses that are also durable? A good fit?  OK, so what about all that plus the ability to track your stroke, manage your sets and remind...
Stability Snorkel :: FINIS Australia
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Stability Snorkel :: FINIS Australia
In 1995, FINIS created the first center-mount snorkel for the competitive swim market. Since then, snorkels have become a staple product in pools around the world. Their widespread use helped identify two common complaints: head brackets HURT (often leaving a...
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Agility Paddle Floating :: FINIS Australia
Keen to improve your technique? No matter what your stroke, stage or age, you can get honest feedback and instant improvements with the FINIS Agility Paddle.  FINIS' innovative hand paddle design not only teaches you how to get a better...
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Tempo Trainer Pro :: FINIS Australia
What is a Tempo Trainer? The small, waterproof device easily secures beneath a swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Adjustable tempo offers the ability to identify and maintain an ideal pace. Now with the option to replace the...
TRISWIM Skin Slick ⎹ Anti-Chafe Anti-Blister Spray Skin Lubricant
SKIN SLICK anti-chafe spray is a must for tech suits & swim skins! The struggle is real! With a simple spray of SKIN SLICK on the legs, hip, & buttocks, your super tight suit will slide on with ease and help...
TRISWIM Trislide ⎹ Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant
TRISLIDE Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant is a must for Triathletes! TRISLIDE can be used to ease entries into wetsuits and create super fast T1 times. TRISLIDE is also an anti-chafe and anti-blister product 🐨 Stocked locally here in Australia, with...
TRISWIM Foggies ⎹ anti-fog cleaning towelettes for goggles
FOGGIES is the only anti-fog towelette that not only defogs, BUT CLEANS the lens at the same time! Tested by numerous athletes, FOGGIES are perfect for swim, snowboarding goggles, eyeglasses, cycling and running lens, scuba and ski masks! Simply wipe...
Iso Paddles :: FINIS Australia
What is a good way to fine tune your catch and pull? What about fine-tuning backstroke? How do you work on specific muscle groups in the pool?  Iso Paddles have all that covered. FINIS' innovative Iso Paddle design not only...
Swim Drag+FlyTM :: FINIS Australia
This is kit for those who know milliseconds matter.  First developed by an elite team of Australian swimmers and water polo players, the Drag+Fly™ adjustable swim chute offers the latest in resistance training technology. How will the FINIS Swim Drag +...
Manta Paddles :: FINIS Australia
The Manta Paddles are designed to increase strength, stroke efficiency, and distance per stroke. Constructed with the same lightweight, durable, floating material as our Agility Paddles, these paddles are comfortable to wear and won't get lost underwater. The strapless design...
Posture Train :: FINIS Australia
It's important for swimmers to get their head in the right place in the pool and FINIS can help with that thanks to the Posture Train. How will swimming with the FINIS Posture Train help me? The Posture Train promotes...
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Slide Dryland Trainer :: FINIS Australia 9mm
Who knew?  FINIS has the tech to help you swim like a fish out of water.  The Slide Dryland Trainer lets you practice anywhere, anytime. How will the FINIS Dryland Slide Trainer help my swimming? The Slide Dryland Trainer is...
Pulling Ankle Strap Band :: FINIS Australia
Pulling together all the tips and tricks for the perfect stroke takes serious work but the Pulling Ankle strap can help simplify things. How will the FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap help my swimming? Holds ankles together, shifting focus to build...
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Hydro Hip :: FINIS Australia
  How will the FINIS Hydro Hip help my swimming? With two blades that sit on the hips, the Hydro Hip helps properly identify timing of the hips, arms and body. Best used during drills or short distances, the hip blades...
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