Agility Paddle Floating :: FINIS Australia
Keen to improve your technique? No matter what your stroke, stage or age, you can get honest feedback and instant improvements with the FINIS Agility Paddle.  FINIS' innovative hand paddle design not only teaches you how to get a better...
from $27.27
Tempo Trainer Pro :: FINIS Australia
What is a Tempo Trainer? The small, waterproof device easily secures beneath a swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Adjustable tempo offers the ability to identify and maintain an ideal pace. Now with the option to replace the...
Stability Snorkel :: FINIS Australia
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Stability Snorkel :: FINIS Australia
In 1995, FINIS created the first center-mount snorkel for the competitive swim market. Since then, snorkels have become a staple product in pools around the world. Their widespread use helped identify two common complaints: head brackets HURT (often leaving a...
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Long Floating Fins :: FINIS Australia
Fins = wins!  Adding Long Floating Fins to your training session means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The humble fin is an incredible tool to build...
from $50.00
Pulling Ankle Strap Band :: FINIS Australia
Pulling together all the tips and tricks for the perfect stroke takes serious work but the Pulling Ankle strap can help simplify things. How will the FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap help my swimming? Holds ankles together, shifting focus to build...
Foam Pull Buoy Sr :: FINIS Australia
What is the secret to a strong upper body?  Getting your legs under control is a good start.  The Foam Pull Buoy Sr has it covered: build upper body strength by immobilizing your legs. How will the Foam Pull Buoy...
Edge Fins :: FINIS Australia
Learn to kick from the hip.  FINIS Edge Fins are designed with technique-focused side rails to activate your hips and quadriceps.  This will enforce a proper kick that starts at your hips and not your knees.   The Edge is...
from $63.64
Foam Kickboard Sr :: FINIS Australia
KICKSTART YOUR TRAINING! Get 60% OFF our Foam Kickboard when you spend $50 or more. Simply fill up your cart with $50 worth of gear, then add this Kickboard product to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied...
Tide Goggles :: FINIS Australia
Durable, Anti-Fog lenses, Stylish and Ultra Comfy. The Finis Tide is the PERFECT training goggle. Whether it's open water or in the pool, the Tide is made specifically to keep you comfortable while clocking up the KM's. FINIS products are designed...
Iso Paddles :: FINIS Australia
What is a good way to fine tune your catch and pull? What about fine-tuning backstroke? How do you work on specific muscle groups in the pool?  Iso Paddles have all that covered. FINIS' innovative Iso Paddle design not only...
Thermal Swim Shirt :: FINIS Australia
As the saying goes, "Dive on in the water is warm"... but that isn't always the case!  If you need to spend time in the water when the temperature is not quite as warm as you'd like, get your arms...
Junior Long Floating Fins :: FINIS Australia
Fins = wins!  And when you are a nipper, adding Long Floating Fins to swim training means the only way is up:  speed up, power up and sit up - higher in the water that is.  The Long Floating fin...
Backstroke Start Wedge :: FINIS Australia
Has your squad discovered the wonders of using a start ledge or wedge at comps? Want to know how you can give your team the edge of a pro start that won't cost the earth?  The FINIS Backstroke Start Wedge!...
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