Calling all trainee Aussie Ariels... Swim Safer Week means Mermaid Safety School is in session.

The FINIS Pacifica Mermaid Fin comes with a comfortable foot pocket and a quick-release foot strap so feet can quickly be removed from the fin for safety. All trainee mermaids should swim under adult supervision. It is a good idea to be in the water with trainee mermaids for their first few swims as they adjust to dolphin kicks and learn to release the fin when needed.

Here are a few FAQ’s that will help you enjoy your mermaid fin to the full.

Q.What are mermaid fins?
A. Mermaid fins come in adult and child sizes.  It is important to select an appropriate size fin as adult fins can be heavy.  All mermaid fins have a similar design where both feet fit into a single fin that looks like a ‘mermaid’ tail that assists the user to swim with a dolphin like movement.

Q.What are monofins?

A. Monofins are similar in that both feet fit into one fin. However, these fins are bigger and made of fibreglass or carbon with rubber foot pieces. These types of monofins are usually used for competition, as Fin Swimming is a competitive sport at world championship level. People also swim with monofins for fitness purposes. It is best to use monofins under a qualified coach.

Q. What dangers do mermaid fins pose?
A. Any aquatic device must be used with a level of safety precaution. Swimming with mermaid fins should always be under active adult supervision.

Q.Who can swim with mermaid fins?

A. Every mermaid fin wearer should be an experienced and competent swimmer. When children first use mermaid fins, it is important to practice in the water with an adult. While wearing the fin, make sure they are able to confidently float on their front and back and move their body into an upright position. They should be able to independently release their feet from the fin and be able to move to a safe position e.g. to the side of the pool, to the ladder or shallow water. It may take a few sessions before they feel fully capable and confident to swim with the fin, especially when first attempting dolphin kicking.

Q.What is the best environment for using mermaid tails and monofins?

A. All tails and fins should be used in controlled environments such as a swimming pool under active adult supervision. It is not recommended to use mermaid fins in open water environments as these are unpredictable with currents, swells and rips which increase risk when swimming.

November 01, 2020 — Information Finis Australia