Get ready to make a splash with the Stability Snorkel Jr. Designed specifically for children ages 6-10, this snorkel is set to revolutionise the way kids learn to swim, giving them the confidence and skills they need to become better swimmers. 

Focus on the basics

Technique is everything in swimming. By using the Stability Snorkel Junior, children can learn to swim slowly with perfect technique. Practicing with a snorkel eliminates the need to lift and turn for a breath, keeping the body parallel and the legs at the surface of the water, improving overall body position.

A snorkel also helps keep the head stable and allows the swimmer to maintain a streamlined position, a technique taught at the earliest levels.


Stability Snorkel Jr.


Designed with kids in mind 

Because younger swimmers’ lungs are less developed, they take smaller and more shallow breaths. The Stability Snorkel Jr was specifically designed with a shorter tube and smaller mouthpiece so that younger swimmers can swim comfortably and confidently. The Stability Snorkel Junior allows younger swimmers to learn techniques like older swimmers have been learning for years.

Our simplified design not only makes swimming more comfortable but also provides excellent stability in the water. No more fumbling or adjusting – the Stability Snorkel Jr stays securely in place, allowing kids to focus on their technique. An elastic headband allows for a customised fit for any young swimmer.

Whether your child is just starting their swimming journey or looking to improve their technique, this snorkel is the perfect companion.

Before getting in the water with the snorkel, it's important to help your kids to get comfortable with it. Check out the video below for steps you can take to ease them into it, plus other recommendations for use.


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March 01, 2024 — Charlotte Nield