Swim Clinic Highlights:

It was a bluebird day on Saturday 21st October, when 50 budding young swimmers rolled up to Sheldon College, ready to be coached by none other than 3 x World Champions: Shayna Jack, Cam McEvoy and Meg Harris. It was a roaring success as the kids were taken through a number of drills, with each young athlete given a number of personalised tips from their heroes. Comradery was high and friendships were strengthened throughout the day, which concluded with a 4x50m “World record attempt” where one lucky young swimmer got to swim in a race with her idols.


A Word from the coaches:

Shayna Jack
“The clinic was a huge success and really shows the value of our FINIS athletes (coaches). The kids were engaged with every activity and were always trying to get the most out of the session. Being able to interact and give back to the next generation was a great feeling as an athlete coach”

Cam McEvoy
“Overall the clinic ran really well. Hosting the dive section of the clinic, every swimmer there was engaged in learning about how to properly structure their dive right from the set up onto the blocks to the entry line into the water, and any possible limitations that might hold someone back from perfecting the dive - like with mobility. It definitely opened my eyes to a slowly building new passion of teaching the sport as opposed to just doing the sport. So I’m looking forward to further clinics that can allow me to go into much more depth and explore niche areas of sprint freestyle.”

Meg Harris
“I think the clinic was a huge success, only being the first one we have done. It was so good to see all the kids get around it, get involved and participate. I always love sharing what I can with the next generation and I can’t wait to see what these kids can do.”

Feedback from the Squad:

“Was such an awesome clinic! So well organised and the coaches were amazing with the kids. Thank you for hosting this fantastic opportunity FINIS Australia & Sheldon College.”

“Our daughter is literally still raving about it. What an amazing experience to meet your idols and get advice from them.”

“I, as a parent, enjoyed the Q and A session and it motivated me to be a better and understanding swim parent in supporting my daughter in navigating all the highs and lows of the sport.”

“My daughter loved meeting Cam, Shayna and Meg. They have reignited the spark to push herself again. She loved getting into the pool and being coached by them." 

“My son loved the Q&A session. He also liked spending some of the time in the pool and the athletes were very hands on and upbeat which was great for motivation and inspiration. I also loved having a DJ and the commentator really pulled the event together.”

“Our daughter loved every part. She said she learnt a lot from Cam about strengthening her dive. She felt very privileged to be able to interact with the athletes and be in the water and feel/see first hand the power of their swimming.”

A final note:

We understand such events like this are a cherished memory for young swimmers and we’re looking forward to hosting more events like this for our swimming community!


November 03, 2023 — Charlotte Nield