Many of the innovative products FINIS have developed over the years have started with the thought “wouldn’t it be great if we could….”. The Swim Coach Communicator is high on that list.

Coaches have been screaming instructions from the side of pools for 100 years or more. The megaphone moved things to the next level but it seems crazy that it took until now for coaches to be able to communicate clearly in real-time with swimmers in the pool.

FINIS Swim Coach Communictor is a high tech coaching tool for elite swimmers

FINIS has combined two technologies - one of it’s own innovations and another we all hold in the palm of our hand. The Swim Coach Communicator uses the Bluetooth capability of a smartphone to beam live instructions to a FINIS’ bone conduction headset.

The Communicator clips to any goggle straps with the bone conductors resting on the cheekbones. The conductors produce vibrations that deliver crystal-clear audio to the swimmers’ inner ear. It sounds complex but takes only a minute or so to set up. It means coaches can communicate with swimmers stroke by stroke, to give feedback in real-time on technique and pace.

The upside for both coach and swimmer is it can deliver much more effective coaching. Firstly, less yelling is always a good thing! It can also make training more efficient as clearer instructions and real-time communication mean fewer interruptions during practice. And less down time means maximum meters in the pool.
Swim Coach Communicator for more effective swim training

There is a downside - no more excuses! Crystal-clear instructions fire straight into the target swimmers inner ear so no more “sorry coach, couldn’t hear” or “I thought you were talking to so-and-so…”

Really this downside is also an upside because it also helps prevent bad habits by instantly correcting stroke imperfections before they become ingrained.

With up to six hours of battery life, the Swim Coach Communicator has plenty of juice to handle all swimmers in even the biggest squads as well as training camps or intensive sessions.

The Swim Coach Communicator will work with any smartphone - you simply need to download the FINIS LIVE mobile app. Once you’ve download the app, turn on the in-app microphone, and start talking.

We calling it coaching of the future but you try calling it, well it's not calling now - more like a quiet"inside voice"chat, and see for yourself.

Swim Coach Communicator technical real time coaching by FINIS
January 09, 2021 — Information Finis Australia